Road Marking Removal

Road Marking Removal

There is nothing worse than thinking you have removed a road line effectively only for it to reappear when the road is wet and the sun is shining. This causes confusion to road users and is potentially dangerous.

Our Road Marking Removal service combines effective removal with clean up. This allows you to remark the road faster than you could by using other methods of marking removal.

Our bobcat mounted road-marker removal grinders are able to remove any form of road-marker be it painted markings, thermoplastic markings, cold applied plastic (CAP) markings and even raised pavement markings (RPM’s). We use both our road sweeping broom buckets as well as road sweeping trucks for rapid clean up. This enables you to carry out road marking changes and lane shifts faster than anyone else.

Whether you need a main highway or carpark demarked please call us today to discuss your project.