Waterworld Hamilton

Waterworld Hamilton

Contract Details

$140,000 main contract
Construction – Refurbishment
May 2018
6 Weeks

Project overview

Surfprep tendered to remove the existing pebble-flex coating and paving that formed the concourse around all of the internal pools, circa 1600m2. This job grew once onsite to include tile removal, removal of concrete for underground installation of pipework and demolition of other minor works.

Surfprep performance

Fletcher Construction Waikato were not sure what to expect when Surfprep turned up having not worked with them much in the past, however they were pleasantly surprised as we arrived with the right gear for the job and an experienced work force.
Where they expected Surfprep to turn up with a stack of labour and some jack-hammers and hand-held scrapers we turned up with skid-steer mounted scrapers and concrete milling equipment. Fletcher
Construction staff were also very happy with our attention to detail and our investment in H&S. We completed the work ahead of time and with less manpower than was expected possible and largely without any issues.