Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

Our shot blasting service is fast, effective and accurate. By using captive shot blasting (which is an airless process) we can prepare your surface in a controlled manner.

Our shot blasters can easily prepare

At Surfprep our shot blasters will remove old coatings, clean surfaces or add texture, making way for new coating and overlays. Slippery surfaces can be transformed into non-slip surfaces and pavement markings can be removed from asphalt surfaces.

With our shot blasting equipment steel structures like ship decks and steel storage tanks can have rust, paint, mill scale and marine growth removed, doing away with more manual equipment like angle grinders and sanders.

Shot blasting is a fast, cost-effective way to create safer, non-slip concrete surfaces and, with minimal disruption, is ideal in warehouses, production floors, loading bays, pedestrian areas and vehicle operating areas. It also ensures there are no toxic fumes and minimal dust.

If you would like to know more about our various Shot Blasting services please call us.