Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Whether you have a large concrete pad that is to become a warehouse or a small area destined to become a garage, if your concrete is freshly poured or has been down for 50 years, our staff have the professional concrete grinding skills and experience to help you to achieve the floor surface you desire.

We are known as the specialists in the concrete grinding field and as a result, we have the largest range of concrete grinding equipment in New Zealand.

From bobcat mounted concrete grinders, to large planetary diamond grinders and everything in between, we have a machine for every job.

All our machinery can be operated outside as well as being easily adapted to run exhaust free inside a building or confined space.

Concrete Grinding

Handheld & walk behind grinders
Our 5’ and 7’ handheld grinders enable us to sort out the smaller fiddly jobs, while our 800mm triple head walk-behind grinders and our heavy skid-steer mounted single head grinders allow us to remove concrete floor coatings, grind to level and undertake concrete polishing.

Bobcat grinders
Our bobcat grinders vary from our bobcat milling heads (cold planners) in that the cutting teeth are not mounted on a drum. Instead, they’re mounted on a spinning plate that runs parallel with the surface it is cutting. With our bobcat grinders we are able to cut, level, hone, texture, scabble, flatten or remove coatings off almost any surface. Our grinding heads vary in width from 300mm up to 800mm and with the power of a bobcat behind them work precisely and at incredible production rates.

Line removal? No problems.