Queens Wharf

Rugby World Cup 2011 Party Central, Queens Wharf, Auckland Central
Contracts Ltd



Project Scope:

Turn old wharf railway area into a pedestrian access hub for the anticipated 6,000 plus people who would be attending the 2011 Rugby World Cup celebrations at the Party Central Zone on Auckland’s Queens Wharf. The challenge was to maintain the historic yet rustic, authentic appearance of the wharf while creating a safe, modern environment fit for foot traffic.


  • Used milling, grinding, and skid-steer loader equipment to remove trip hazards
  • Milled down surfaces so concrete overlays could be laid around the railway tracks
  • Shot blasting equipment to remove old line markings

Equipment Used:

  • 3.8 tonne Mustang 2086 Skid-steer loader
  • Schibeci RM600 Skid-steer Mounted Roadmill
  • Schibeci PP2500 Skid-steer Mounted Power Profiler
  • Shibeci PP4500 Skid-steer Mounted Power Grinder
  • Impacts 250mm Shot-blaster


Surfprep’s specialised equipment allowed for the finished surface to be in keeping with the original rustic look, maintaining an authentic appearance, while completing the job with speed.