Bunnings Trade Centre

Bunnings Trade Centre, Avondale, Rosebank Road, Auckland
Dominion Constructors


Project Scope:

Surfprep were tasked with removing existing floor coating systems, Sureshield, milling rebates into concrete and undertaking large-scale floor levelling.


Because of Surfprep’s specialist equipment, this project could be completed using equipment rather than manual grinding or jack hammering. As the only company in Auckland with skid-steer mounted concrete mills Surfprep was the obvious choice for milling rebates in concrete.
In total, 1200 bags of levelling compound (14m3) was used to bring the floor up to a level surface.

Equipment Used:

  • 3.8 tonne Mustang 2086 Skid-steer loader
  • Schibeci RM600 Skid-steer Mounted Roadmill
  • Schibeci PP2500 Skid-steer Mounted Power Profiler
  • Shibeci PP4500 Skid-steer Mounted Power Grinder
  • MP25 Putzmeister Mortar pump


Large volumes of Suresheild were removed rapid and Surfprep were able to put down an average of 71 bags of floor levelling product per hour with only three people involved, where manual mixing and application could only achieve an average 18 bags per hour!